Husband Wife Problems

In our culture, relationships play the very important role because if we want to get success in our life we have to make good relationship with people. Since relationship gives you inner strength and confidence that you are a good human being. In our tradition, more loving relationship is Husband-Wife association.

Love Marriage is a beautiful feeling that gives you an immense joy that we cannot describe in words. We all want to make love and turn out to be our love to reach Marriage. After marriage, husband- wife starts their new journey with enthusiasm, joy and vows. In starting, Everything looks good but after some time problems and negative powers enters their happy married life and then things turn out to be terrible and they have to end-up Divorce. In all, this scenario not only Husband-Wife suffers also affects so many relationships like Husband’s family, Wife’s family and their mutual friends. If you have kids; in that case things become horrible since the issues of a Husband - Wife will directly impact to their children and his/her future.

What are main reasons for Husband-Wife Problems:

  1. Extra-Marital affairs.
  2. Lack of Love.
  3. Work issues/ not giving enough time.
  4. Fighting happens due to financial issues.
  5. Not sexually satisfied.
  6. Ego Problems.
  7. Have no good bonding with in-laws.
  8. Childress Problems.

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